Computerized Home Valuations

Watch this short video to learn about Computerized Home Valuations.

Computerized Home Valuations


There’s one thing that we find it interesting¬† about these computerized valuations. One of the companies which touts that feature states, right on their website, that their valuations are not accurate. In addition, they suggest that you get a Comparative Market Analysis from a Realtor. Furthermore, they recommend that you get a professional appraisal.

Yet, we often have clients tell us that a web site tells them a home is worth $xxxxx. Yet, as local Realtors, we know better. A Realtor knows the local market. In addition, a Realtor knows which homes are similar. And we know which homes are not.

If a web site says, their estimates aren’t correct, why believe them? After all, you do want accuracy, don’t you?

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