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In Freehold Township there are nine condo complexes, with a total of about 3,400 homes. You can find either one, two or three bedroom homes. Two communities, Raintree and Poets Corner have homes with a garage. For more details on each complex, visit their page using the menus. Pricing for these homes ranges from the low $100,000s to over $300,000.

In Freehold Boro you’ll find an additional four condo complexes. You’ll find homes with either 1,2 or 3 bedrooms. Prices range from less than $100,000 to almost $300,000. Neither complex has garages.


As of 7/20/19, none of the Freehold condos or townhouses complexes in either Freehold Township or Freehold Boro are approved for FHA Financing. However, recently the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) made changes to the FHA Financing guidelines. Home which are located in communities that are not approved for FHA Financing may be eligible for a one time, “spot approval”. This spot approval may allow you t use FHA Financing.

Additionally, please be aware that there are other options available for purchasing with a low down payment. Speak with a mortgage representative to learn your options. If you need a referral to a competent loan officer, contact me.


Freehold is in a great location because of the transportation options. Some of the condo communities are within walking distance of the Route 9 buses. In addition, downtown Freehold Boro has a bus terminal. And, there are Park and Ride lots along Route 9. However, some commuters prefer to drive to the train station in Matawan. Major roads in all directions are easily accessed.

Education – Freehold Twp

Kindergarten through 8th grade students will attend one of the four elementary schools, and there are also two middle schools in Freehold Township. Freehold offers a full-day kindergarten program, and after care is available. You will also find private schools nearby, as well as day care and nursery schools.

Education – Freehold Boro

In Freehold Boro, there are 2 elementary schools and one middle school.  For working parents, early and after care programs are available. Additions were recently added to the elementary schools to help alleviate overcrowding. Since Freehold Boro is a small town, there is no bus service offered to these students.

High School

When a student from either Freehold Boro or Freehold Township enters high school, they will attend the Freehold Regional High School District (FRHSD).  In the FRHSD you’ll find six high schools. Each of the schools has unique, specialty career courses. Students may elect to attend one of these schools instead of the one in their hometown. However, the admission process is competitive and not all applicants will be accepted.

Students in all of the high schools consistently exceed state and national SAT score averages. Accordingly, more than 87 percent of the district’s students pursue higher education.

As an option, students who are in high school also can attend one of the five magnet schools in the Monmouth County Vocational School District. This school system offers specialized courses in fields such as high technology, marine sciences, communication, allied health and biotechnology. Additionally, shared courses in the medical and science fields are available, in addition to automotive repair, the building trades, computer science, and business administration, to name just a few.

In addition, there are numerous private schools nearby.

Recreation and Entertainment

Stonehurst Park FreeholdResidents of Freehold condos and townhouses have use of the public parks in both of the towns. However, there are more in Freehold Township. A summer recreation programs is available. Additionally, the Monmouth County Park System offers numerous parks for your enjoyment. Live entertainment is available almost every night during the summer in Downtown Freehold. Raceway Mall offers a summer concert series on Tuesday nights. Fourth of July fireworks are at Freehold Raceway and Freehold Boro has  great Memorial Day Parade. Numerous restaurants are available in Downtown Freehold, as well as along Route 9.

Whether you’re buying or selling Freehold condos or townhouses, we can provide you with the highest levels in real estate expertise and professionalism. Do like hundreds of our clients have done and contact us to guide you through the process!

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