New Condo Owner Flooring Hints

As a new condo owner, would you like to hear a few hints about flooring? You’re probably not the first owner of the condo. So everything probably isn’t perfect. Some things commonly found in a resale condo you can easily, as well as inexpensively, take care of.

Hints For New Condo Owners

Does the home have carpets? Unless they’re new, there may be imprints in the carpet from the previous owner’s furniture. If you have the same furniture, in the same place, it’s fine. But that’s probably not the case. Try this. Put a few ice cubes into the imprinted areas. Let them melt, then dry. Next, vacuum the areas. You may need to repeat, but this should erase the imprints.

Install Laminate Flooring

This is an easy task, perfect to improve the looks of the home – if done properly. If it’s not done right, it looks like Harry the Homeowner messed it up again.

First, don’t buy the cheapest grade of laminate. You need to start with good product. Harry the Homeowner would buy the flooring, and start to install as soon as he gets it home. Don’t do this. Lay the laminate flat on the floor for 2 – 3 days. Let it acclimate to the home’s temperature and humidity. Carefully, remove the base molding from the room. Quite often, it has a caulk seal between the molding and the wall. Cut this with a knife first, the use a putty blade to carefully remove the molding. Install the laminate leaving +- 1/4 inch gap. This allows for expansion due to temperature changes and will reduce warping.

Make sure the laminate ends to do match up. Use a full length piece to start. Cut the adjacent starter piece in half, and the next one is full length. Repeat the process throughout. This will ensure the maximum strength and provide a nice, clean look since the joints are uniform throughout.

Last, buy an extra box or two of the laminate. You may have damage occur, and it’s good to have spare pieces you can install.

Put the molding back on, caulk it and you should have a good looking floor. Harry the Homeowner will be envious.

Bottom Line

If you’d like to try these ideas, but you don’t have a condo yet, call us. We can help you move into your first condo, just like we’ve helped hundreds of others home buyers. Just to be straight, I’l not going to help you move your furniture. But I will help you buy it.

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