High Technology Home Security

Providing your Home  Security using High Technology is becoming more common every day. Let’s face it, these high technology gadgets that will help protect your home are here, so why not use them? And, since they all use the internet, you can monitor the systems wherever you are.

Alarm Systems

The days of putting sensors on windows and doors and connecting them with wires to a control panel are gone. Now home alarms use Bluetooth motion sensors which are activated by motion. And the alarm control panel can send a notice to your cell phone which lets you know what’s happening.


And that leads us t the next gadget, video. Wireless cameras can be mounted both inside and out, again using motion sensors. The images from the cameras can be sent to your PC, laptop or phone. They can also be stored. Doorbell cameras allow you to see who comes to your door – and when. Additionally, you can speak with them, and visitors won’t know if you’re speaking from the home or somewhere else.


Your basic door lock can be upgraded also. Biometric locks are available, which read your fingerprint instead of using a key. Another variation is a Bluetooth lock where you run the app on your phone, when you arrive home tap the lock and the app opens it. With this you also have the option of remotely opening the lock for a visitor.

Gated Communities

If you live in a gated community, high tech security is there also. Some communities now have gates operated by a cell phone app. When you get close to the gate, the app opens it. You can also open the gate for a visitor via the app.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms can also be controlled via the internet. If you’re away and the alarm goes off, you’ll receive a notification. And they can also interconnect between multiple detectors in a home.

Bottom Line

The internet is allowing us to make use of High Technology Home Security. And manufacturers will continue to add more features and new applications.

However, there is one thing that manufacturers cannot provide over the internet. And that’s a good Realtor to help you achieve your real estate goals. That still requires an experienced person. When you’re ready to either buy or sell a home, please contact me. I promise I’m not controlled by an app.

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